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Lego Phonics (2014)

Lego Super Heroes Phonics. Quinlan B. Lee. 2014. Scholastic. Includes 10 Books and 2 Workbooks. [Source: Review copy]

The Lego Super Heroes Phonics pack includes ten books: five books focusing on short vowel sounds, five books focusing on long vowel sounds. The books are all set in the DC Universe.

The writing. I won't lie. It's a phonics book. Even though the characters are super heroes, it feels like a phonics book. But. I suppose they have a purpose!

Book #1 Meet Batman (short a)
What is that in the sky?
It is a flash!
It is a bat!
We need the man in the mask.
We need Batman!
Batman jumps in the Batmobile. He needs a plan. He needs to get to his lab. Fast!
 Book #2 Get That Cat! (short e)
"Help!" a man yells. Catwoman has a gem. Quick! Get help!
"Meow! Come here, my pet," she says. Catwoman is set to get away.
Book #3 Come Quick (short i)
Superman hears Batman from far away. Batman says, "Come quick!" "Quick is what I do best!" the Flash says. "I will be there in a flash!" The Flash gets to the spot. There is just a big hill of bricks. "Why did Batman say to come quick?"
Book #4 Stop the Bot (short o)
Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! Lex has a big robot. The bot has got Wonder Woman.
Book #5 Up, Up, and Away (short u)
This is Superman. He can run fast! He can jump high! He can do much more than any man! The sun makes Superman strong. He can pick up a bus so it does not get crushed.
Book #6 Two-Face Chase (long a)
Batman races to the bank! There is a crane in the way. He hits the brakes! "I hate to be late!" Batman yells.
Book #7 Mr. Freeze (long e)
Batman and Robin are in the Batboat. "I feel the need! I feel the need for speed!" says Robin.
Book #8 Ride On! (long i)
"You cannot hide this time, Bane," says Batman. A bike rides by in the dark. Is it Bane? It is Catwoman! she smiles. "Are you looking for me?" she says. "I will not hide this time."
Book #9 No Joke (long o)
All of Gotham City is at home in bed. No one is out. Except one lone man...
The Joker! "This smoke will help you sleep...forever!" he yells. "And that is no joke."
Book #10 Get a Clue (long u)
Batman gets a note. It says: "I have the guy in blue. Do you want him back? You know what to do. Look for me and get my clues." 
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